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RockSolid Dundee is a charity operating across the East End of Dundee. We run youth groups, employability programmes, life skills courses, a Social Enterprise group and lots of other brilliant activities.

RockSolid (formerly RockSolid Youth Project) was founded as a charity in 2013, by which time it was delivering two weekly evening youth groups and afterschool activities across the East End of Dundee. Thanks to grant funding received from Children in Need and the Big Lottery’s Young Start, RockSolid was able to employ staff to sustain and develop the project into a successful community organisation. 

RockSolid has always aimed to enable young people to take ownership and responsibility for the youth projects as much as possible. Now in it’s 5th year, RockSolid Dundee runs a variety of community activities all week; from youth groups, to employability programmes, and community health initiatives. RockSolid continues to encourage the community and young people to be actively and inclusively involved through our co-production approach to community development. Over this time, it is estimated that around 300 young people have been involved with RockSolid one way or another.

RockSolid has an amazing team of staff, volunteers, and board members, who collaborate with the young people and wider community to create new youth opportunities in Douglas. The following handbook is intended for that team and as such contains copies, templates and information on all of RockSolid’s policies and procedures. In carrying out their work, the RockSolid Team have three main aims in mind:

1. Young people will be more confident in expressing themselves;

2. Young people will have an increased sense of community belonging;

3. Young people will have an increased ability to work effectively in a team.